The D-RISK project is made up of a consortium of four UK based organisations sharing a £3M CCAV grant managed by Innovate UK.

The D-RISK project is made up of a team of trusted partners who all bring a wealth of skills and experience to this demanding, exciting project. The project will culminate in Jan 2022 and make available The first, true driving test for Autonomous Vehicles, allowing worldwide authorities to gain confidence in the safety and reliability over the increasing demands of AV companies wishing to deploy vehicles on the roads. Limited

dRISK is integrating a massively diverse set of data and expert curation into the ultimate data resource for AVs. Rather than enumerating each one of an infinite set of edge cases, we invented a way to “map” all edge cases into a comprehensive taxonomy - a knowledge graph of risk - which acts as both an edge case database and evaluation space. dRISK’s patented technology trains, tests and validates AVs on comprehensive sequences of edge cases derived from our massive knowledge graph. The result is a step increase in AV responsiveness and safety.

Chess Stetson is the CEO of and leads the company with his vision and his vast experience with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Rav Babbra looks after the project management, including the financials and the reporting of the D-RISK project. For information relating to this project contact

Claytex Services Limited

Claytex specialises in the modelling and simulation of complex systems and provide consulting services, training and software solutions. We focus on simulation for systems engineering and understanding the interactions of systems with their environments.

Mike Dempsey leads the Claytex team who provide their valuable skills and experience of simulation environment creation and help with our chosen photo and sensor realistic simulator rFpro. Claytex are no strangers to CAV trials, providing their expertise to the CAV2 Streetwise project.

Imperial College London

The Transport Systems and Logistics Laboratory (TSL) at Imperial College London is led by Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis, and focuses on the study of networks, optimisation methods and multi-agent systems, as well as their applications in autonomous transport systems, urban infrastructure and logistics.

Panagiotis Angeloudis and his team of experts help to advise the project on new areas of academic research and theory. The team have had involvement with many CAV projects to date.

DG Cities

DG Cities is an urban innovation company that specialises in the integration of smart city technologies, and has particular expertise in the realm of connected mobility services. Over the past five years, DG Cities has worked on a number of successful CAV trials – including MOVE UK, MERGE Greenwich, MAVEN, GATEway, and London’s Smart Mobility Living Lab.

Helen Steiger leads the DG Cities team on public engagement and stakeholder engagement work to ensure public opinion is gathered throughout the project lifecycle.